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Terms and conditions for posting in Pics4World

Welcome Pics4World visitors and members , we will show now some conditions to use the site and post pictures pages to give the best exclusive ones for visitors , so you can read these terms well before taking your decision.

1- Don't depend on copying texts from other sites to paste them here as it's forbidden to use here and google adsense prevents this action , so just bring the new photos and put here.
2- Don't use violent pictures like accidents or death images as they're bannable actions by google adsense policies , so be away from violence

4- Submit thread about everything you know but be away from improper pictures
3- Don't take copyrights of others and as you see we upload the exclusive pictures just for Pics4World forums only, so you can use the normal link of every photo and it will be turned automatically to our links

But, When you decide to start with us , all of your topics will wait moderation to be approved , if we found something wrong , the topic will be deleted and you will know that not to repeat like this mistake , if you continue posting with us , you will add topics without moderation

We renew Terms and conditions for posting in Pics4World slides to make you always find the best here , these images were posted 05-16-2014, 07:52 AM and may be updated soon


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